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Student Testimonials

Some of my students have been kind enough to provide testimonials of their own personal experience of having me as their private Spanish tutor.

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"I give Denisse my highest recommendation as she is an outstanding teacher for all levels of students.  When I first started taking classes I was a true beginner, and now our classes are 100% Spanish conversation.  The setting is very friendly and the classes are challenging, yet fun.  I am still excited to attend class and improve my Spanish!" - Scott Whiteford, Executive Recruiter

"I met Denisse in 2005 after returning to NYC from living/working in Ecuador for two years. Up until that point, I had been learning Spanish in a patchwork fashion: high school classes, travel, and numerous Spanish institutes. With her passion for the language and her drive to help people increase their fluency, Denisse designed individualized sessions for me that not only helped me maintain, but significantly strengthen, my Spanish language skills. She was exceptional in her ability to identify and assist me in filling in the "gaps" and take me to a higher level of language competency. Denisse has definitely contributed to my ever-growing confidence as a Spanish speaker in all areas of my life!" " - Kezia Carpenter, Ph.D. Candidate and Educator

"Denisse is an incredible Spanish teacher. Before taking her class, I was accustomed to dull and unproductive language instruction at the high school and college level. In only eight classes, I feel as if I’ve learned more about speaking in Spanish than ever before. Denisse is patient, energetic and very dynamic. She is excellent at conducting class at a level appropriate to my needs. Each week I look forward to my class because I truly enjoy learning from her". - Roxanne Lapicca-Hanna, Salesperson

"There are many reasons why learning a new language can be intimidating but when you find a teacher who creates an open environment this is never an issue. I have taken Spanish on and off for many years but I have never been in a more comfortable learning environment than I am now. Denisse is patient, funny and clear in her teaching and as a result, her students retain the information better and they learn much quicker. She also is incredibly organized and the books and handouts she uses are very helpful. I truly enjoy taking Spanish with her and I would highly recommend her to anyone that I know. If you have any questions about her teaching I would be happy to help." - Nicole Glassman, Nutritionist

"Great teacher! Great lessons! She is very committed, loves to teach, is patient and motivates you to put the necessary work and attention to really improve your language skills." - Laure Fourteau, Attorney at Law, Mound Cotton Wollan & Greengrass

“I’m thrilled to share my experience with receiving Spanish lessons from Denisse. When I started my Spanish instruction, I was a little apprehensive about re-learning a language that was introduced to me in High School. I was very impressed with Denisse’s professionalism, knowledge of Spanish and the relax atmosphere she conveys. Denisse was very patient with me and guided me through the difficulties of learning a second language. She assessed my needs and tailored each lesson specifically for me, which helped me achieve my goal of becoming bilingual. I highly recommend her services, to anyone without hesitation!”Leslie Caldwell, Social Services

"Denisse is a very nice teacher. First of all she is friendly. The class and the materials are well-organized, and her teaching technique and knowledge are amazing. All the time she tries to teach me what I am lacking. In addition, her enthusiasm to the class is great. Even though I am not a native speaker, I enjoy her class and I now hablo espanol!" - Tat Iwasaki, NHK-NY (International Japanese Press)

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Learning how to speak Spanish fluently fast is easy with private spanish language lessons from the best Spanish tutor in Manhattan, New York City (NYC)