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My name is Denisse Aponte-Donnelly and I am the founder of NYC Spanish Services. I am a native Spanish speaker and hold a degree in Spanish Literature and Translation Studies.

I began my teaching career in 1997 as a Spanish instructor and translator for the medical and clerical staff of the OB/GYN Clinic at Danbury Hospital, Danbury, CT.

After moving to New York City, over a decade ago, I created NYC Spanish Services to meet the ever-growing demand for Spanish speaking professionals here in Manhattan.

Since then, I have broadened my teaching and translation experience to include many other areas such as: Spanish for business; the entertainment industry; education; foreign travel; and the hospitality industry.

My current students include: lawyers; corporate executives; social workers; fashion magazine editors; college students; project managers; sales representatives; IT directors; graphic designers; professional chefs; human resource directors; and professionals within the medical field.

I also had the pleasure of teaching Spanish to Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, the writers and directors of the highly acclaimed 2009 hit movie ‘Sugar’. I was responsible for translating the entire screenplay and for supervising all English language subtitling of this Sony Pictures Classics release.

I have also traveled extensively throughout Latin America. This has helped me to develop a firm understanding and appreciation of the rich cultural diversity & history associated within the Spanish-speaking world and I try to pass on this knowledge to my students during the course of their studies.

Please call Denisse at (917) 572-3957 or email me at for details of my hourly rate for private Spanish lessons.

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